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Am I being paranoid?

Started by jjbadal21169, 09/16/2006 07:37AM
Posted 09/16/2006 07:37AM Opening Post
I was recently approached by an individual from Canada concerning an Amart ad I ran for an expensive Tak mount 6 months or so ago.He is a new member with no Amart transactions. He agreed on a price and had me forward wiring instructions. He stated his bank needed my home address and specific address of the bank. Soon after,stated he would overnight a certified check, which I recieved last night. It was for an amount above agreed price( by $40-dont quite know why). I can not deposite check until monday.Not sure how long it takes for funds to actually clear. I am flying out on vacation tomorrow and returning thursday. I have talked to him on his cell and at home. He seems pleasant enough, though not very knowledgable regarding the equiptment he is purchasing.Does anyone know if there has been problems with fraudulent M.O.s or Certified Checks? Any suggestions on how I should proceed? Thanks in advance. Joe
Posted 09/16/2006 07:59AM #1
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that nobody's out to get you. I would be very cautious. Fake certified checks and cashier's checks are a common ruse to buy valuable items with phony money. It can take a while for a check like this to bounce.
Posted 09/16/2006 10:19AM #2
Tell him you will have your bank check it out, then he will have to wait until the check is fully varified and cleared before you will ship.
This means that the bank does not just cash it, but checks to be sure it is valid, then cashes it and has cleared the bank that issued it. This could take weeks before you can be sure.
I would be very cautious of checks from outside the country. You should be able to contact the issuing bank to find out about the check.

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Posted 09/16/2006 10:42AM #3
The key problem is that it takes much longer than you'd expect
for a foreign check to clear -- of order several weeks.

Not sure the extra $40 signals a problem -- some people just
add a little to help with packing and shipping. The scam
artists would send two or three times the purchase value.

Posted 09/16/2006 08:06PM #4
Because of a rash of fake postal M/O's, my bank will not accept one over the amount of $50, unless varified by the postoffice first.
Posted 09/26/2006 08:46PM | Edited 09/26/2006 08:47PM #5
Wow. What a mess! Or is it?
I have made several sales and purchases to Canada, and have had no problems at all,
other than longer shipping times, due to customs.
I have presented a couple checks from the Royal Bank of Canada (?) to tellers to check their authenticity.
If the funds are in doubt, why not withdraw them in cash before shipping?

Having said that, I have an uncle, who sold an expensive motor home on Pee-Bay. The guy said he'd bring him a cashier's check for $160,000, but he couldn't get off work until Saturday. My uncle's bank was closed until Monday, of course, and when he attempted to deposit the check, they told him it was a forgery. By then the guy had driven across several state lines and resold it to a dealer. Uncle called the DMV, blocked the title transfer and, unfortunately, the dealer got stuck holding the bag.

Better luck with this transaction.