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Another ad down

Started by NB, 03/06/2014 10:13AM
Posted 03/06/2014 10:13AM Opening Post
I just posted an "ad" that was a request for help. It was also an amusing story I thought many members might enjoy, about an elk attack on an LX200. The ad is gone and I have no way to reference it now. I know AstroMart can still look at it. I posted a price of zero since it was a request for help. I'm not sure what was violated. If I can get the ad back, I'd be happy to modify it. I thought it was quite innocent and entertaining. I did make an incomplete reference to our astronomy group website, but not an official web link. The scope is MINE, and I'm donating funds AFTER help checking it out, only seeking the help. The group is a non profit, non 501-C3, voluntary group of 8 balls that just enjoy outreach.

Sorry about any violation. Herb, you're quick to do one liners (we all know that) which often have to be deciphered. Please advise with something specific besides a link to TOS since I thought it was OK. Nothing subversive intended.

Posted 03/06/2014 10:24AM #1
the classifieds are not for cute stories