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Astromart has gotten really slow...

Started by Magilke, 09/25/2023 04:07PM
Posted 09/25/2023 04:07PM Opening Post
Is it just me or did the Astromart website get really slow after the latest security update?
Posted 09/26/2023 03:10AM #1
Never been slower,  
It is really bad,  
Any idea why- since they mentioned would be faster after update?

I'm no it pro, but no website ever works this slow...
Posted 10/03/2023 03:53PM #2
Same for me as well.., 

I actually use the site less since the latest site updates.., 

Hopefully, the admin(s) figure it out.,
Posted 10/12/2023 11:16PM #3
Seems like back to dialup really slooooooooow refreshing pages