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Started by Astro01, 07/17/2018 01:24AM
Posted 07/17/2018 01:24AM Opening Post
Why doesn't the new format allow incremental bidding? The old site would increase the bid by the required amount and hold the rest in reserve. The new site posts your bid no matter what the required incremental bid is. Example, $5 is the current bid and has a minimum to bid of $6 and I bid $100, the new current bid is $100. I think this detracts from the whole auctions experience and could be why the numbers are down.

Respectfully submitted,
Posted 07/17/2018 01:49AM #1
If there is a reserve that is higher than your bid then....

If that isn't the way it is working then let me know ASAP

Please know what you saying is true

Thank you
Posted 07/17/2018 01:57PM | Edited 07/18/2018 01:10AM #2
Hello Herb,

Thank you for the fast reply to my question.