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cancel/delete an auction ?

Started by elbee, 08/14/2018 10:49PM
Posted 08/14/2018 10:49PM Opening Post
can i cancel or delete an auction before it ends if the reserve price has not been met?  which also raises the question can i cancel an auction even if there is no reserve price?

Posted 08/16/2018 07:16PM | Edited 08/16/2018 07:17PM #1
Auctions have a generally accepted set of guidelines. Nothing set in stone.

It is considered unethical to cancel an auction if there are ANY bids.
It is OK to cancel an auction if there are NO bids whatsoever.
Having a reserve does not affect the above two guidelines.

A reserve is just another point in the auction that bidders take on as a goal, just as much as getting the high bid.

It is NOT ok to offer an item in any other venue if it is up for auction. Bids can come in from a variety of sources but all bids go to the same item at the same auction.

Once an item has a bid, the only way to legitimately negate the auction is due to rather extreme circumstances and such should be disclosed to the bidders. Some examples would be that the item was accidently destroyed, law enforcement, late discovery of a significant nondisclosure that would be generally considered detrimental (this is where disclosed reasons are due to bidders), and so on.  It better be a substantial and good reason, disclosed, or the seller will have themselves in hot water with the community in which they are dealing.

For the purposes of the auction venue, it can be easier to not allow the auction to be deleted at all. The winning bidder should be understanding since the circumstances  will be THAT SEVERE.