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Can't upload pics

Started by javcolon, 12/26/2007 02:49PM
Posted 12/26/2007 02:49PM Opening Post
Can somebody help me? The web site will not let me upload pictures because they are over 500,000 bytes. I don't have a camera that takes pictures with less than 500K bytes. Can I downsize my images to under 500K?
Posted 12/26/2007 03:42PM #1
You can open the photo in most any photo editor, such as photoshop or whatever came with your camera, and then same it in a smaller size, say 8"x6" and make it a medium in the JPG compression when asked. That should size it down.
This is a freeware that will resize them for you.
or this online resizing site will also do it for you online.

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