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Changing email address

Started by Dave K., 05/21/2006 07:33AM
Posted 05/21/2006 07:33AM Opening Post

Hi Herb,
During a 2 month hospital stay my wife changed to DSL and I was forced to chage my email address.I actually started over with a new account.I lost all my ratings of over the years and show up as a new member.Is there any way I CAN GET MY RATINGS BACK.i,VE BEEN A TOP MEMBER AND SUPPORTER AND WILL SUPPORT AGAIN.

Thanks, Dave
Posted 05/21/2006 08:48AM #1
This should be done.
Mr. Kiefner is one of the A-Mart elite. All of his equipment is pristine to the nth degree.
Posted 05/22/2006 06:48AM #2
Dave, most of us know you very well... 8)
I surely hope that Herb will be able to help you in this matter...

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