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Classified changes.

Started by zackyd, 04/26/2018 07:35AM
Posted 04/26/2018 07:35AM Opening Post

Just wanted to leave some feedback. Please dont stick with the large images foe the listings on mobile. I thought the original site did a wonderful job but I understand that things have to change. The mobile version (on iOS) is large and cumbersome, slow to navigate though and makes it hard to quickly access the ad. If you require such an interface it would be much appreciated if you had an option to view it from the older setups or like on the destop versions. Thanks ans let me know if you have any questions for clarification. 
Posted 05/02/2018 07:07PM #1
I completely agree with these comments. 
I will add that the “Need Help” button gets in the way of viewing classifieds and there seems no way to get rid of it. Finally, you can not enlarge photos any longer in the classified listings. This is a bit frustrating because in the past I have found smudges, Nicks, chips that were not otherwise apparent. It at least gave me the opportunity to ask the seller about it.