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CONUS only?

Started by nicaqua, 02/06/2007 11:12PM
Posted 02/06/2007 11:12PM Opening Post
So to the seasoned, astromarters.

I have been dealing on astromart for two weeks now and I have mixed feelings about one thing.

Now and again I get a response when asking for an eyepiece sry US only...? ( I live in the Neherlands)

I mean I state that I will pay for the extra cost in shipping.

So could any of you clarify this to me? Is customs to much of a hassle? Or maybe some other more obscure reason..

Another question.

I received two eyepieces from the states. No hassle 7 days delivery. One had a customs stamp on it the other didn't. Shipping Cost $5 each. So how come I pay 8 or 89bucks? Is it for the packeging. (I guess that would be it)

Any way a clear answer would be nice. Since I have missed out on two nice eyepieces (Again I clearly stated that I would spring for any extra costs) and still haven't heard from 3 others. This doesn't really make astromart look good. (unless there is a good reason)


Posted 02/06/2007 11:34PM #1
There are many reasons, too many to get into in one post. But I will list some of the most common.
1) Hassle with custom forms and dealing with international shipping.
2) Having a package take a long time to get there causes a lot of stress.
3) Proving a package did not arrive, or proving that it did in the case of loss or reported loss.
4) Getting the money for the lost item on an international package that is lost or damaged.
5) People asking you to claim a value less than the sale price for reduced import duties.
Right now there is a fellow in Italy that bought a $7,000 AP Refractor and it has not arrived, he can not reach the seller and the tracking number appears incorrect. This is a serious head ache for the fellow in Italy.

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