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Started by GG, 03/23/2006 01:26PM
Posted 03/23/2006 01:26PM | Edited 03/23/2006 01:26PM Opening Post
My Classifieds time/date default setting does not seem to be working. I have always received classifieds by most recent listed first. No matter what setting I choose in my Display Preferences makes no difference... I get oldest first. Anyone else having this problem?

Posted 03/23/2006 01:28PM #1
Posted 03/23/2006 01:52PM | Edited 03/23/2006 01:55PM #2
Mine shows oldest on the top and newest on the bottom too. But if I click on the "Posted" at the upper right, the it is newest first.

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Posted 03/23/2006 04:11PM #3
Think I dropped out and came back in and it fixed itself. Tried everything before with no results. OK now.

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