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Demise of the Marketplace?

Started by pwp818, 05/30/2007 10:12AM
Posted 05/30/2007 10:12AM Opening Post
It just occurred to me that since membership is no longer free, we will have a diminishing buyer (and seller) pool. I tested it, and you cannot send a reply to a seller without being a member. I realize this protects sellers (and buyers) by insuring that members are checked out, but the reality never occurred to me before. Seems that since fewer people will sign up for a fee and older folks will slowly drop out of the hobby for obvious reasons, we will be left with a smaller and smaller buyer/seller pool, which of course means fewer sales. How can that be good for Astromart as a used equipment marketplace?
Posted 05/30/2007 02:41PM #1
I don't think I would worry about that. On Astromart, if you place and ad and see the number of hits in a very short time, it's obvious there are a lot of interested buyers. Also when you place an ad and see how quickly it moves down the list as new ads are place, it's also obvious many sellers are out there too (of course the buyers and sellers are all the same people). When items are priced appropriate to the current market, they move fast. Underprice it a little and it's gone in a heartbeat.

In the last few months, I just went through a cycle where my interest faded and I sold quite a bit of very nice equipment. I then regained my interest, felt seller's regret, and bought back many (most) of the same model items for close the same prices and even gained a few optional parts. USPS and FedEx did well, but I broke about even. Where else could you do this without hurting yourself financially?

Steven Jindra
Posted 05/30/2007 04:22PM #2
>>>It just occurred to me that since membership is no longer free, we will have a diminishing buyer (and seller) pool.


I think you are right. By this time next year, everyone will be gone but you and me... And then we can just trade between ourselves and Astromart will be gone... grin

All kidding aside... Astromart is THE PLACE to buy and sell telescopes. Herb has gone out of his way to made sure it is safe and secure and that deadbeats are gone with the speed of light...

That $12 fee may scare away casual "lookie lou's" but I think people who are serious are well aware of astromart and what it offers.

The one difference I have noticed since the $12 "Identity Verification Fee" was instituted has been a very significant drop in the number of posts in the beginners forum. First timers are not aware of what AM is about and so are reluctant to spend $12 to find out. It might be nice if the beginners forum was open to all but that would probably be more trouble than it is worth and would invite abuse.

Good Job Herb...