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Flagging Stale and "Sold" ads?

Started by sovamind, 01/18/2021 06:49AM
Posted 01/18/2021 06:49AM Opening Post
Its great that you can search based on the ad status (sold, available) but I've noticed that many ads the users just changed the titled to say "SOLD" instead of the ad being marked sold.  This makes searches come back with many ads that aren't actually available.

Similarly, I've noticed that there as some ads from 2006 and when I've messaged people on these old ads, most people (that actually reply) will tell me it sold a decade ago and were surprised that an ad is still up and that they haven't even been on the site in forever.

Is there a way we can flag ads so that they can be removed?  Or maybe have ads for users that haven't logged into the site in over a year automatically removed?  It would really help to clean up the classifieds, and since we are paying to use the classifieds, it would really be great to have this fixed.
Posted 03/01/2021 08:32PM #1
I'd like to add my vote to this issue as I don't want to contact someone with a year old add and bother them about an item that is no longer available but hasn't been removed.
Posted 03/17/2021 07:38PM #2
I'm usually pretty good about correctly marking things sold, but after hundreds of ads and some of them were reposts until they sold, well not everyone is perfect. Anyway it was no bother to me, you found an old ad but it wasn't marked sold, so you did nothing wrong. Nobody should give you a problem for that. Sorry if it sounded like I was annoyed, I wasn't!