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Help please! I can't find out how to make sure my support level is not auto-renewed

Started by akanehl, 01/04/2022 02:31AM
Posted 01/04/2022 02:31AM Opening Post
I currently have the purple support level which expires later this year.  I DO NOT want any kind of renewal. There is no place in My Account for me to select this and there is no way to contact the Admin or owners of this site.  It is ok to delete my account as long as I do not get charged again.  Thanks for anyone's help here!
Posted 01/04/2022 02:41AM #1
We do NOT auto renew - never have - you make that up?

I can delete you now if you want

Posted 01/04/2022 05:42AM #2
Ok, thank you for the quick reply.  Wasn't sure if there was an auto-renewal or not, but since there is not everything is good.  You can leave account as is.  Thanks.