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How long to wait?

Started by zoisite, 04/28/2006 04:15AM
Posted 04/28/2006 04:15AM Opening Post
An Astromart member bought my PST (or so I thought) on the 18th. I have yet to receive payment and have not had my emails responded to. How long should I wait? 11 days should be more than enough time for a transaction inside the U.S.

It really ticks me off when someone pulls out of a deal without any attempt to notify the seller. someone else could be using it right now, instead it's just sitting their.

If I don't here anything by this evening, I'll re-list it, and in this case, I believe a negative rating is justified. What do you think?
Posted 04/28/2006 04:45AM #1
If I don't here anything by this evening, I'll re-list it, and in this case, I believe a negative rating is justified. What do you think?

A few thoughts:

1. Ratings are for completed transactions only. When I first heard this it did not make sense but it's the rule and the rule that we play by. Astromart offers the oppoturnity for try to work out a deal and sell your stuff. I guess the thinking is: "No Harm, No foul."

2. I think that you would be in a pretty uncomfortable situation if tomorrow you received a check in the mail...

Myself, I have bought things on Astromart and gone on vacation, spent some time in the hospital....

3. I don't know what I would do.

Posted 04/28/2006 05:11AM #2
I might give it a couple more days. Lets say it took him
3 days to get money from the bank, and over to the
PO for a money order. 7 days for postal mail is rare
but not unheard of. So 10 days total is long but not
impossible. Is a bit worrisome you can't get a
response. On the other hand, I suppose we've all had
experience with professional dealers who are too
busy to respond / slow to make payments / slow on
shipments. Heck, I recently got an e-mail from
a major scope dealer that the eyepiece I
ordered (8 months ago!) is on backorder; now hows that
for customer service. I'm not suggesting you wait
8 months to hear from the guy, but just making a point
that even the pros seem to mess up now and then.
I think it might be a bit early to give bad feedback
-- it could still arrive in the next day or two
and be no fault of his (slow mail, etc.). Well, good
luck and hope it turns out OK.
Posted 07/10/2006 07:11AM #3
I am in the opposite situation. I purchased a $60 item from an Astromarter with multiple 5-star ratings. I sent a PayPal payment in early-May and have yet to receive my item. The Astromarter emailed me twice early on stating that he would send the item. Since then, I have had no response.

Technically, my transaction hasn't been completed, yet I have waited almost two months for my item. I don't know what to do, I have most likely been ripped-off.

Aaron McNeely

Michael Aaron McNeely
TeleVue Forum Moderator