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How to Post Image for Classified Ad?

Started by BBarlow, 02/23/2008 07:55AM
Posted 02/23/2008 07:55AM Opening Post
I am new to Astromart and would like to know how to post an image for a classified ad I want to run. The image is a JPG file from an email attachment. When Astromart asks you for the URL to post this image, do you type in the long long string of characters from this image or can you just use the much shorter IMG.0660.JPG file from the email attachment? Any help much appreciated. Thanks. Bill
Posted 02/23/2008 09:01AM #1
You'll need the image somewhere on your hard drive. Then you just click the browse button and navigate to the image then click on the upload button. Images can't be over 500kb I think.
I've tried twice this morning to upload a picture and got a error both times. I think theres something wrong server side. This has happened to me before. If thats happening to you just wait a couple hours and it will get straightened out.

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