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How would other Astromarters view this

Started by Hans Tucker, 01/10/2007 02:24AM
Posted 01/10/2007 02:24AM | Edited 01/10/2007 02:26AM Opening Post
Hi All,

A little while ago I purchased a FS-78 Refractor from a reputable Astromarter in the US. The scope was to be delivered to Melbourne Australia but whilst in transit all six of the Lens Cell screws came loose with one actually fully coming completely loose and floating unrestrained around near the exposed front lens element possibly all the time during transit. I took a real close look at the condition of the front lens element for signs of damage and whilst appearing ok there was one questionable area. Anyway I decided for piece of mind to send the whole scope back to Takahashi for cleaning, inspection and choice. I was going to wait until the scope got returned from Takahashi before I rate the member but I notice that opportunity has expired (the prompt has disappeared). The odd thing I noted was that the member whom sold me the FS-78 has made a consideration for trade for another FS-78 + Accessories in one of his other advertisements in the classifieds so soon after selling me the FS-78 he just sold me. Was there something wrong with the FS-78 he was selling me??? This seems a bit odd and maybe I am looking too much into this. Takahashi are adamant that it is rare for all or any of it's collimation screws to come loose during transit. The FS-78 sold to me was fairly well packed for the trip (although I would have chosen different internal packaging like loose peanut style foam) and showed no signs of external damage prior to opening the package but even my work mates were astounded when they saw this screw rolling around. How many of you other Astromarters would check things like the security of collimating screws prior to sending a scope off after just making a sale? And if you did purchase a scope that this occurred to would you hold the seller responsible or accept this as just a risk that we must all accept when dealing in second hand gear.


Posted 01/10/2007 04:41AM #1
You could respond to one of his other ads and rate him accordingly for the transaction of the FS-78 you received from him. Something does sound fishy.

Posted 01/10/2007 06:43AM #2
I shipped an FS-128 where the collimation screws came out in transit. So it does happen.
Posted 01/10/2007 09:43AM #3
I think it unlikely anyone would have shipped it with
a screw actually out and rolling around. Whether
they would have checked the screws before
shipping -- probably not -- "leave well enough
alone," etc. I have also received scopes from
overseas with loose screws, so I certainly think
it is possible. The fact Tak says it is rare is
fully consistent with the situation -- you might
have been the person to get the rare scope where
it does happen.

Most likely the scope would have shipped
horizonally, and in that orientation it would be
nearly impossible for the screw to reach the glass
-- it would just roll around in the dew shield.
IIRC the dew shield is a larger diameter than the
glass. If ti shipped vertically, its still
impossible to reach the glass. You'd need
to tumble the scope violently to get the
screw to hit the glass.

Some people are always buying and selling scopes,
so the fact they advertised for a similar one is
hard to judge. Maybe they missed it? Maybe
they wanted a different version? Maybe they
did have some concern about the quality, but it
was not necessarily "defective" or "abused."
Every maker probably has a few scopes they sell
that are less good than the one or two best
samples they make -- there is some range
(hopefully small range) in quality. Many

Ultimately you should discuss with the seller.
They might, for example, split the cost of the
inspection and collimation work at Tak.

Posted 01/10/2007 10:24AM #4
Is it possible that with increased concerns about shipping questionable materials that somewhere along the line the item was opened and somewhat disassembled for inspection, then not properly reassembled? Just a thought!

I Yam What I Yam!
Posted 01/10/2007 06:20PM #5
I can confirm this can happen. I shipped a perfectly collimated FS102 upstate and it arrived with loose screws, one which had come completely out. This according to the buyer, who confirmed no damage done and was happy with the scope, made no claim, etc., so I assume he was being honest with me.

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