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Started by reconair, 03/14/2007 08:27PM
Posted 03/14/2007 08:27PM Opening Post
Well lacking an appropriate forum, I thought I'd try here to get your feelings about insuring high value items selling on Astromart. The question is: Who should pay for insurance for items being sold on Astromart -- the buyer or the seller?

My personal habit is to assume any insurance costs for items I sell. I do this primarily because if damage or loss results from actions of the shipper, then I would be the one making the claim rather than the buyer. Is this right? Or, should the buyer make the claim if the item arrives damaged or not at all.

What say you?


Scott Busby
A.K.A. Reconair

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Posted 03/15/2007 06:26AM #1
It is the shipper/ seller's responsibility to file a claim if an item is damaged or lost. If an item arrives with significant box damage or it sounds like there are broken pieces inside then the buyer should notify the delivery person if possible then the seller asap. Depending on the item I will include all shipping costs in the price of the item or calculate the actual cost when someone responds to the ad. Of course fragile items should always be packed so that no damage will occur even if the box is dropped onto concrete from a truck, etc. I don't think UPS or FedEx are allowing claims on glass anymore so that is all the more reason to pack really well.