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Started by Larry J, 01/06/2009 06:04PM
Posted 01/06/2009 06:04PM | Edited 01/06/2009 06:16PM Opening Post
Here’s a puzzler. I’m changing my ISP and now maintaining two e-mail addresses for a short period until I can change all my active internet site accounts and get the word out about my new address to friends and family and other contacts. When I went to change my Astromart account I realized I also need to change to my formal first name to match my credit card as well as change my e-mail address. ( I’ve been with this site since the Robert Fields era; well before the credit card fee/security change so had always used my informal first name..Larry ) No problem, I love this site.
When I got to the credit card entry screen I put in the all the info, hit the “save”, and got the message “Address information doesn't match” . I carefully re-entered and got the same message. Sent a note to Herb for help and he said he didn’t see anything wrong with my account. ( By the way, he responded quickly in the early hours of NewYear’s Day..this man must not sleep!!).
I tried setting up a new account, even though I risked losing history and ratings, and got the same error message. I even did a copy /paste of my address info direct from my credit card account and got the same error.
I paid attention to Herb’s brief replies; Need an exact match on the CC card, no debit card use; but I’m stuck. I can see on my bank site that credit card is hitting but the temporary holds vanish after a bit. My cc card is valid and active. I’ve gotten charges accepted both immediately before and after attempting Astromart.
So, my mystery is what address does not match? Am I missing something a blind person could see? Have I been living at the wrong address for years? 8O Any software wizards out there?
(Herb may still be looking into this or passed it along to someone else, but I have not heard anything back as of today.)