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Multiple Site Listings - TOCs

Started by Jud, 03/23/2007 05:18PM
Posted 03/23/2007 05:18PM | Edited 03/23/2007 05:19PM Opening Post
Is there something in our TOCs about listing simultaneously on Astromart and another auction site? Seems I have seen other discussions about this not being kosher. (Ref #490653)

I Yam What I Yam!
Posted 03/23/2007 05:57PM #1
Under Termas of Service, Section 15, Prohibitions is included:

(h) Any item/s that are placed on any other site for sale at the same time it is offered on AstroMart.

ANY violations can and most likely will result in the deletion of your account including ratings.

So, yes, Astromart or someplace else, but not both.

Posted 03/23/2007 06:40PM #2
Hi Jud,
You see it all the time on CN. Not right, but it is always happening.

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