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Need a record

Started by jake47, 02/02/2007 03:53PM
Posted 02/02/2007 03:53PM Opening Post
I am doing my first AM purchase and will pick up the item. I can take cash but would like to have a record of the transaction so that I can insure the new-to-me stuff. My insurance company has always requested a bill of sale, and I'm not sure if they would accept a hand written receipt from an individual. For those of you who sell often, would a cashier's check be as good as cash or a money order? I understand not wanting a personal check, but a cashier's check from my bank should do it. Am I right?

Jim in Texas
Posted 02/02/2007 04:06PM #1
Hi Jim,
Well, cash is instant and cashiers checks take time to clear and can be counterfeit too as can Money Orders. Personal checks must clear as well, so that all makes for a time problem.
Many people will not accept paper without getting it cleared which can take two weeks. If the check is cashed, it does not mean that it is good because the check can still come back and the bank will debit your account.
So it is up to the seller as to what kind of payment he will accept. I guess that a written bill of sale is the best you can do as an individual. Not sure what else could be given by any one but a business.

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