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"New" flags no longer working.

Started by Alex McConahay, 07/13/2008 08:23PM
Posted 07/13/2008 08:23PM Opening Post
My style of Astromart reading is to look for which forums of interest have "New" on them since I last signed on.

Up until a little while ago, every time I signed on, the "New" flag would indicate the new posts.

Then right about the time the Forums got re-worked, those flags were updated irregularly, with sometimes "New" being indicated for messages that have been there a long while.

For the last week or so there was no cleaning out the older ones (unflagging them after I had seen them). I cleaned out my cache, and deleted my cookies, and started all over again. Now, there is nothing marked "New."

Anybody have any ideas? Is it just me--in which case it is in my firewall or something--or is it happening to everybody?