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Non paying bidder

Started by fct-150, 06/05/2017 12:22PM
Posted 06/05/2017 12:22PM Opening Post
Hey ho,

I have an non-paying (final bidder) bidder for my Apollo 11 glass. I have sent him countless (no really, A LOT!) messages through the messenger system here, my hotmail, and on his listed phone number. Got one response and then "poof!".

This has been happening here and there, but I'm getting tired dismissing it and need to know what to do. People who come on here and bid with no intention to purchase or really slow the purchase down to a snail-grind process should be stopped. I wouldn't want others to have to deal with this.

Any advice or knowing that the higher powers here have heard my plea would be great.

Always the best to all here!

Just a few thoughts:

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Posted 06/05/2017 02:50PM #1
Show him this message.

"Herb tells me that if a guy bids on one of your Auctions and doesn't pay he deleted their account until they are paid up"

That may help