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Pay for email ad delivery

Started by bill1, 02/22/2008 12:03PM
Posted 02/22/2008 12:03PM Opening Post
Hi all,
I was just curious if cutting off the email ad delivery for non-sponsoring recipients has impacted the number of transactions on Astromart at all? I was one of those who stopped receiving ads sometime late last year for not being a current sponsor and I know my purchases have definitely dropped to zero.

I did not always have time to read each ad but I caught most of them. Many of my purchases would be impulse or "I never knew that existed" so I'd buy it type deals. I've added it up and since the days of Robert Fields' Astromart to present I've averaged $1240 in purchases each year. Maybe that defines insanity?!

Anyway, I'm starting to twitch from lack of astronomical impulse buying (Like I need more stuff) so I guess I'll be sponsoring soon. Which level of support is needed to receive email classifieds? Also, is it possible to sponsor anonymously? I do not need or want a special color for ads or a T-shirt or any announcement of my sponsorship etc. Thanks.