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Started by hboswell, 08/25/2007 06:47AM
Posted 08/25/2007 06:47AM Opening Post
I've never used Paypal, but whenever I sell something on Astromart I get asked if I take Paypal. I've done a bit of looking, and wondered which type of account Astromarters have, the Personal or Premier/Business. If I understand correctly, the Personal limits you to 5 credit card transactions per year.

Posted 08/25/2007 07:04AM #1
I have the premier account. When I first started out with the personal account, it wouldn't let me accept credit cards without upgrading to premier. Also when you accept payment by credit card, Paypal charges a fee, about $3 of the payment. When you have a personal account, you can only transfer a total of $500 to your bank account a month, thus making you upgrade to premier for unlimited transfers to your bank. It's a racket either way you go. Thats why you'll see alot of ads telling you to ad 3% if using Paypal.
Posted 08/25/2007 11:26AM #2
It can also act as an 'insurance policy' for the seller and buyer. As a buyer of a 'mis advertised' tripod and mount, on the other internet sales site, Paypal was there to make sure that I either got what I paid for, the necessary repairs were paid for by the seller, or I was returned my money. In the end I was returned my money by the seller. But, until I contacted Paypal regarding the problem I was having with the seller and his items, I was going nowhere with any kind of resolution. Paypal saved me once so I don't mind the fee anymore!!

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