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ratings: no stars highlighted

Started by anzo, 06/21/2019 12:34AM
Posted 06/21/2019 12:34AM Opening Post
Hi,  Sam Pitts (user name - sam pitts) and I just completed an "in person" transaction on my ad #456349  for the CGEM-DX.  He tried to leave me a 5 star rating but he told me that it would not go through.  He tried again today, and it worked and he said very nice things about the transaction, but no stars are highlighted.  I tried to leave him a rating and although I got a message that it was successful, I see that it did not take and is not in his profile.  Considering that 1 star is the lowest that you can give, I am assuming that there most have been a glitch in the software to give me a rating with no stars highlighted.  Is it possible to have this corrected or at least I think you should know about my experience on this go around.  

Looking forward to an update.