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Re: Picture sizes allowed,

Started by Thomas Dey, 07/26/2016 06:25PM
Posted 07/26/2016 06:25PM Opening Post
My technique is indirect but easy: I open my image in the ubiquitous MS Paint. I "resize" it so it just fits on my typical laptop monitor display, which will therefore look good on anyone else's. I save that (as .jpg which is efficiently compressed a lot). I check that the size is less than the 500K. Do that to each attached image. Bonus is that this allows you to reframe and annotate images so they better match your ad. Additional bonus is that it uses less bandwidth x time to disseminate. Nearly all cameras oversample by a lot, so you are rarely degrading the displayed image when you do this. PS: The .jpg algorithm compresses bland images a lot more than busy ones. Other software may do this with one or 2 clicks. Oh yeah; there is some slight overhead in porting the image over to Astromart; it needs to be somewhat smaller than 500K.

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