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Re: What do you think about this ad (Leitz 30mm)?

Started by lthaxton, 04/11/2010 06:46PM
Posted 04/11/2010 06:46PM Opening Post
Hi Scott,

It may be a legitimate ad, but the price seems outrageous to me. A few years ago I paid about $1000 for one, identical to the version in the ad, and thought that was pretty expensive. It really is a stunning eyepiece, maybe the best 30mm I tried (30mm XW, 31mm Nagler and 30mm Leitz), but I sold it as the 30mm XW was every bit as sharp and the extra field did not sway me. It memory is correct, APM was selling them for about $1500 new a year or so back and with so many widefield eyepieces out there now it is hard to imagine it will command that much money.

It would seem like anyone who follows astro gear would know the asking price to be very high. That did make me suspicious, but this is definitely not a "too good to be true" situation!

Posted 04/12/2010 12:44AM #1
Scott Satko said:

Yeah okay, Larry, you're probably right. Maybe I should have just sent the seller a friendly PM before posting here. Interestingly, the exact same EP was just listed on Ebay at an opening bid of $2299. The auction ran out before any bids were received, so the ad was moved over here and relisted at an even higher price, which seems a little odd to me. Anyway, I doubt they'll get any takers over here for that price, as I'd bet that any AM'er willing to fork out that much cash for a single EP is likely to know a fair amount about the EP and what it's really worth.

I believe that particular auction was mentioned here. Normally sending a PM to the seller can help straighten out sticky situations but this seller seems to know what he/she is wants to do. It is a lot of money for a single eyepiece, the seller is probably hoping that it has some collector value.

Being a first time seller that just registered a few days ago will make selling this tougher.

Posted 08/13/2018 11:09PM #2
What do you think about an advertisement for a pair of home set up right angle, 50 mm binoculars? 
  They are made from a couple of 50 mm right angle finder scopes.
They look great in the photo.
  I responded to the advertisement about twelve days back. 
I have written three messages to the seller.
    I can not get one single reply.
I have written to the site about five times.
  But, no reply.
It all seems a bit strange.