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Reporting a Violation?

Started by meadfish, 01/15/2008 04:28PM
Posted 01/15/2008 04:28PM Opening Post
I recently responded to an ad for 2 eyepieces. The seller responded quickly to my offer and quickly to all subsequent questions. I sent a money order 2 weeks ago and now get no response. I have tried responding to other ads from same seller and nothing. The seller had 14 other transactions so seemed trustworthy. I know personal emergencies can arise, but I see the seller listed another eyepiece 7 days after the one I paid for. I'm just wondering from some of you veteran users, what action can I take? I want my item or my money and I also want to warn other users. any help is appreciated, thanks.
Posted 01/15/2008 04:52PM #1
I would think that two weeks without a reply is not a good sign. Though it is possible that something came up, the seller should have shipped or informed you why it was not shipped.
Do not wait past the 30 days that you are able to post a rating. You can rate the seller poorly and if the EPs are then sent, you can always delete the rating.
Now I am not saying that you should give him a 0 star, but if you did I would understand.
Perhaps a rating such as this would get the seller to respond?
I would also let Herb know about the situation and see if he can get a response.

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Posted 01/15/2008 05:27PM #2
You said you've gotten no response.....

You have, I assume, emailed again, and that is what has not gotten responded to? You should have a response to an email in a reasonable time.

Have you sent anything to the second ad? See if he responds to that?

If the only thing you have done is send a money order, and he has not responded. It may be just about the time that the item should arrive in the mail. If that is the case--paitence is called for.

Posted 01/15/2008 07:15PM #3
Thanks to everyone for replies, nice to see an online community that cares and responds so quickly smile

Herb, I sent you an email as requested.

To answer other questions, I have sent an email everyday since last Wednesday, which is one week after mailing the money order. All emails were friendly stating "just checking on status, etc"

I also sent private message from her profile page, and replied to her 2 other current ads. One is pending to another buyer, I'm curious how that turns out.