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RSS feeds and the classifieds (Mac?)

Started by stedman, 07/03/2006 06:08AM
Posted 07/03/2006 06:08AM | Edited 07/03/2006 06:18AM Opening Post
Figured this should go here even though it may only involve Macs.

I decided to try setting up an RSS feed for the classifieds for reflectors. I'm using Safari. I thought--"Great, it will only display today's new scope ads, so that, at a glance, i can see what's been added." And I can even control length (titles, titles plus a line or two, etc.)

Alas, even though I can set up the feed, it comes up empty when I click on bookmark folder (open in tabs)--or shows yesterday's ads when I click directly on the bookmark. Sometimes, when I hit refresh, it will show the right things. Sometimes when I click Today, it still won't show the right things.

My RSS link is this: feed://

Anyone have any ideas on fixing this? (I'm new to RSS so it could be something really simple that I've gotten wrong. Or maybe a browser cache problem?)

(And, yes, for just doing this, it's easier to simply use the old-fashioned method-- look at the reflectors category. But if RSS gets set up right, then one could combine various search interests and have a one-page display of anything new that matched particular items being searched for.)