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Rudeness or Ignorance ?

Started by Fred Dase, 12/02/2006 07:23AM
Posted 12/02/2006 07:23AM Opening Post
I am new to Astromart. Over the past 2 weeks I have responded to 6 ads in the classified section. 3 were questions about the item and 3 were requests to buy the item at the price and terms listed by the seller. I have never received any reply from anyone.
My question is ... Are they being rude, or am I being Ignorant and missing some protocol required by this board ?

Thanks ... Fred Dase

Wisdom Begins In Wonder
Posted 12/02/2006 11:11AM #1
I was expecting the replys to be in my message inbox here at astromart, not in the email account I used to sign up.

My Thanks and Apologies to all those who offered advice !!

Fred Dase

Wisdom Begins In Wonder