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Stopped receiving Classifieds and responses to my

Started by dcarnevale, 12/31/2016 08:27AM
Posted 12/31/2016 08:27AM Opening Post
I'm an Astromart supporter. Starting around 11/12/2016, I stopped receiving Astromart Classifieds as well as responses to my own ads. My account mailbox appears to be functioning, but nothing is being delivered to my private email account.

I don't see anything that my ISP has done to filter at the mail host, and there's no filtering done in my email client. My classified and auction settings are for all types. I don't have any AstroNot settings.

How do I go about figuring this out?


Posted 12/31/2016 10:10AM #1
use a yahoo account

or google or.....

It is YOU

Thank you