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User with no "Member since' date?

Started by gatownsend, 04/21/2006 06:15PM
Posted 04/21/2006 06:15PM Opening Post
I had a quick question. I received a response from a user, presumably new, to an ad I have running. He responded to the ad, but didn't type anything in his was blank except for all the A-mart diclaimer and warning stuff.

I logged on to check him out, and when I pulled him up, there was no date in the "Member since" field. Does anyone know why that would be? Usually when I get something like this I try to see if it's a new user that may have mistakenly replied and contact them to see if they actually are interested.

I'm just curious more than anything. It's a low-$$ item, so it would be a good chance for a new user to establish a rating, and we were all new at one time or another.

Clear skies,