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Users charging to use Paypal - Against ToS

Started by KurtK, 03/04/2007 04:39PM
Posted 03/04/2007 04:39PM Opening Post
I've noticed a lot of classifides and auctions state that if you wish to pay with Paypal, then add 3%. I can only imagine the only reason for this is because Paypal charges you to use their services. Doing this is against Paypal's ToS and could get both parties in trouble. I can't say I'm a fan of Paypal by any means but it'd be a shame to see people lose their accounts/money because they broke the ToS. I also don't think it's fair for sellers to charge a buyer 3% extra to use Paypal, especially with the prices of some items. I'm not saying that I'm going to email Paypal and complain about anyone, but I'd prefer it if people wouldn't charge 3% to use Paypal, since it is more secure than sending a Money Order.

Posted 03/04/2007 05:57PM #1
I have read that in the Paypal TOS. I wonder what about a statement like, "postal money order payers please take a 3% discount"?

Posted 03/04/2007 06:49PM #2

I see Paypal is a convenience for the buyer. There are costs for the buyer by using other forms of payment such as MO. Not so much the cost of the financial instrument itself, but time and gas. If somebody wants to use Paypal; please add 3%. I'd gladly accept other forms of payment such as personal check and MO so its their choice, not mines.

By the way, as a buyer I much rather send Postal MO than paypal. Using a Postal MO gives you much more legal recourse than paying with Paypal. Postal fraud is a very serious offense.

Just my opinion I know others will see it differently.


Posted 04/14/2007 02:56PM #3
I found this little fact quite interesting. Since ebay charges you for a listing, takes a cut of your sale, then turns around and charges you a fee for the transaction thru paypal.
On top of that ebay makes it almost impossible to list your item without the "seller prefers paypal" graphic embedded.


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Posted 06/06/2007 05:07PM | Edited 06/06/2007 11:49PM #4
I guess one could just offer the item for an additional 4% and then offer a discount for cash of money order.
Paypal charges 4% or more for each transaction. This cost the seller and has to be figured into the transaction. Yes, $4 on a $100 sale is not so bad, but if it is $1000 then it is $40 and this gets worse as the price goes up. If it is out of the country, add 2-3% more to the cost of Paypal.

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Posted 06/22/2007 03:38PM | Edited 06/22/2007 03:41PM #5
I think it's simple. I don't charge the surcharge on items I sell with paypal. I buy and sell a lot on ebay and a little on here. If it's something really expensive I take a postal money order only. But that can bite you, as it did me on a $2700 sale where the money order was lost in the mail. Took 8 weeks to finally get paid. I DON'T BUY from people who charge a surcharge for paypal, as it's against my personal rules of doing business online. It IS the safest way to buy and has saved my butt on 2 really bad transactions. I wonder if any of the merchants on here charge a surcharge if you use a credit card to buy that $5000 scope or that $6000 CCD camera? I really doubt it..even though they are charged a surcharge by the credit card company.