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Very Fishying AD

Started by merongi, 05/22/2007 09:15AM
Posted 05/22/2007 09:15AM Opening Post

It seems the only suspicious reason why it is fishying ad is that he requires bank-to-bank wire transfer.
But actually I've seen the same picture in my local craigslists that is selling the same Meade 14" SCT. He was asking $1000 and I followed up with him to see he is scammer and ended up with escrow service that I've never heard of it and I couldn't find any record of it in Google and requires fund with B-to-B wire transfer through Western Union.
I can see the same writing habit in his ad too.
I'm quite sure he is scammer and I recommend to stay away from that ad.
But if you want that item badly, please be cautious.

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Posted 05/22/2007 10:22AM | Edited 05/22/2007 10:22AM #1
Thanks Jin! 8)
I'm NOT sure if HE is a scammer or not, but being that he has NO feedback and this is an expensive item, I would be VERY VERY VERY cautious about it... (I would probably steer away, unless I lived at a driving distance from him)

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Posted 05/22/2007 04:17PM | Edited 05/22/2007 04:18PM #2
A while back there was an ad from Canada by an unrated person selling a complete Servocat and Argo Navis, new in box. The price was very good, but he also wanted a wire transfer. I called and talked to him on the phone where he gave me his web address and some references for his business and I decided to go for it.
Well, he delivered the items as stated, new in box, by special delivery in just a few days. They were well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.
So, all people that require a wire transfer are not crooks, they might just have a money exchange rate problem at their bank or whatever, as this man explained. It made the transaction fast and simple.
Now, I am not sitting here telling you that wire transfers are my favorite option, but this was a case, like this one, where all was proper and legitimate. grin

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Posted 05/22/2007 04:36PM #3
Goggling the chap's name turns up astrophotos in Canada. Been a member
here since 9/2006. Not clear its a scam.