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Vixen R130SF — Misaligned Tube Upon Delivery

Started by rmccoy3, 06/12/2020 11:30PM
Posted 06/12/2020 11:30PM | Edited 06/12/2020 11:35PM Opening Post
Hi all,

Just set up my scope (first time) and it appeared that the tube was mounted the wrong way around. I unscrewed it from the two metal clamps and flipped it. Now it seems like it’s in the right position on the Porta II mount but I’m wondering what the correct position is from right to left (i.e., 9 o’clock or 12 o’clock) with respect to the position of the eyepiece? Does that make sense?
Posted 06/13/2020 03:13PM #1
Ask a Techie in the outfit you've bought the scope from...!
You know, there could be a chance that there's a defect somewhere...!
Posted 06/13/2020 03:16PM #2
Hi Roberto,

I would but it’s Optics Planet, and they’re not answering the phone unless your making a purchase, in which case it’s not a techie. I put a call into Vixen Optics which will reopen on Monday.

Are you familiar with this scope?