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Cave 6 in mirror

Started by djaecks, 03/29/2004 06:41PM
Posted 03/29/2004 06:41PM Opening Post
I recently purchased a 6" reflector. On the back of the mirror was a sticker labeled "Keim Precision Mirrors", Glendale, CA. Also on the back is etched the following, "Refigured by Cave Optical Co., 48" fl, F/8, Sept. 1957". Also etched is the name "McLouglin". Can anyone shed any light on the name McLoughlin or the Keim Co?
Duane H. Jaecks
Posted 04/01/2004 08:33PM #1
Hi Duane- Keim Precesion Mirrors was a coating outfit in Southern California. I think I had my 24 inch Cass mirror coated by them about 1980 or so. They did good work. I had a terrible time getting anyone to accept it for shipment back and forth to Keim. When a shipping company would find out the value, they would call me up and tell me to come back and pick it up as they didn't want to be responsible for it. Finally, the old Air West airline here in Phoenix flew it over and back for 150 dollars which I thought was a bargain after all the monkey business I went through with the ground people.
Keith Parizek