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Started by lthaxton, 07/22/2004 09:51PM
Posted 07/22/2004 09:51PM Opening Post
I am trying to determine the history/origin of a scope I recently acquired. Here is the description I posted on the Cave Yahoo Group site:

"It is a 6" F/15(?) cassegrain. The tube is fiberglas pigmented white though kind of yellowed from age, has a heavy aluminum end ring in front and a plate at the rear that is set back 1/4" or so to allow cooling. The mirror is ground flat on the back, has a "PANCHRO" sticker with the date of "1-8-68" and there are two marks indicating "#1" written in pencil. The secondary is convex and also has two pencil marks indicating "#1". I have owned three other Cave mirrors and am familiar with the habit of inscribing them though I do not know when that practice started. Anyway, I carefully examined the primary and secondary but found no other markings or inscriptions. It had a finder at one time and retains teh holes for the finder rings but no rings. The scope is adjustible for EVERYTHING and I am finaly starting to get it properly collimated thanks to a few folks directions and the Tectron tools/collimation booklet. What I am hoping to do is determine it's history. I recall 8" and larger cassegrains and think I remember seeing a picture of a 6" cassegrain in a Cave catalog in the 60s but am not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!"

It also has a sticker of the focuser that has faded a lot but still has part of the name Cave Optical and the Anaheim Street address in Long Beach.

Given the "#1" written on both mirrors, this may be the prototype or the first production scope. Heck it may be the first and last- or it may be something other than a Cave. Any ideas or sources to help me figure it out?

Posted 08/01/2004 08:19AM | Edited 08/01/2004 10:05AM #1
Hi Larry,

This might be of some interest to you.
Posted 08/15/2004 11:04AM #2
Hi Larry:

I had a 10" f/16 Classical cassegrain OTA circa 1968 or 1969 that I picked-up used around 1998. The scope looked like a Cave with hardware similar to previous Caves I owned. Even "smelled" like a Cave. (Something about that interior tube paint). It also had this 4x6 plastic sticker on the side of the OTA that stated. "Cave Optical Company 10" f/16 Cassical Cassegrain" When I removed the mirror for cleaning the original Pancro coating sticker was on the back.Also dated 1968 or 69. I did not see any inscription on the side.I then wondered if it indeed was a Cave mirror. Around the same time Tom Cave had a ad placed in the Starry Messenger. He was selling a old Cave wood tripod. His number was listed with the ad. I called him not to inquire about the tripod but to ask about the abscence of any insciption on the mirror. He he told me that this was not uncommon and that it probably was a Cave mirror. He also went on to tell me that he much preferred the Newtonians.