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Circa 1825 Merz, Utzschneider & Fraunhofer

Started by pghyndman, 10/28/2002 12:41AM
Posted 10/28/2002 12:41AM Opening Post
Hello All,

I was overjoyed to receive this historical instrument earlier this year. It is a 43mm brass and mahogany Merz, Utzschneider & Fraunhofer "spy-glass", circa 1825 which was discovered by a collector of antique microscopes while in the Czech Republic (in those parts that were German from the middle-ages until 1945) and allegedly came from a very old-line family.

The instrument is in fine-excellent museum condition, though the only perceivable restoration is the replacement of one end flap on the storage tube (in a slightly different color so as to clearly denote it as such).

Upon removing the eyepiece end-cover to extract the EP, I noticed the numeral XII engraved on the top. Further examination revealed the same numerals engraved near either end of the barrel as well.

See pics at:

These may have been added later in the instrument's history, as the engraving does not have the same smoothness as that of the company name on the drawtube.

I recall hearing that these eyepieces themselves were designed to further reduce chromatic aberration, and may even have been individually "tuned" for the scope that they were to accompany.

BTW, with my crude calipers (and tired eyes), the barrel diameter of this EP measures 27mm.



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