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Garage Find - Cave Astrola 10-Inch Deluxe

Started by reconair, 05/30/2019 01:20PM
Posted 05/30/2019 01:20PM Opening Post
I quite literally found a 1971 Cave Astrola Model C Deluxe 10-inch reflecting telescope with fully rotating tube, electric clock drive, setting circles, electric declination slow motion, f/6 focal ratio with portable column and leg stand. Along with the find, I have the original Bill of Sale and three letters (Cave Optical Company Letterhead) all signed by Thomas R. Cave. All, absolutely free. Had to drive to Gaithersburg, MD to pick it up today and it’s now in my shop. Other than what’s portrayed in the pics below, optics and mirrors are a little dirty, but in great shape. All scope covers were left on during a very long storage.  Scope cleaned up nice and restoration work on the mount will be required.  Collimated the mirrors last night.  Have yet to see 1st light though.

For you Cave Astrola owners - please come in.  I have a few questions.

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Scott Busby
A.K.A. Reconair

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Posted 06/03/2019 04:56PM #1
Congrats! I have a Star-Liner 12.5" which I purchased new around 1980 and used for about a week before life/career took over but kept it with me. The images were spectacular! Am in the process of cleaning it up and starting again. You have a beaut - I'm searching for one just like yours to add to a growing flock and have the space fortunately and always wanted a Cave as they were finished out better than Star-Liners. My declination motor control box disappeared somewhere an there are three wires (that went to the two buttons controlling rotational direction as I recall) - any idea how to re-create that two button box? Best - Rich