Meade RG 880 - a vintage classic

Started by calbear72, 02/08/2018 03:55PM
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Hello -- I am new to Astromart. I have finally dusted off my Meade Research Grade 880 telescope. Take a look at it in the classified section. I know little about the capabilities of this telescope, though I have been told that it represents the "state of the art" at the time that it was produced. I have been able to see the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter from by back yard (not much light contamination). Looking at the moon requires the use of sun glasses. It there a filter that would be appropriate for looking at the moon? Any suggestions will be warmly received.

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That IS the most beautiful and complete RG Meade I have ever seen advertised!! I would love to have that in my office, but it is so far away.

I hope it gets used, but stays preserved for a long, long time.

Just a few thoughts:

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