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Mystery Scope #4

Started by Mike67146, 11/19/2023 04:20AM
Posted 11/19/2023 04:20AM Opening Post
I would appreciate any information on the manufacture or history of my "new" telescope.

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Posted 11/20/2023 12:49PM #1
Originally Posted by Michael Ciskowski
I would appreciate any information on the manufacture or history of my "new" telescope.
I would post these pictures and questions on Cloudynights website. Probably get some responses that way.
Posted 11/20/2023 08:36PM | Edited 11/21/2023 06:18AM #2
Hi Michael,
Wow Thats a truck full,,,, Beautiful work makes a really nice scope! It looks to be a custom made observatory mount. Please post some close up large format photos of the focuser and finder. Also any markings on the optics? Any eyepieces with it? I have been restoring telescopes for 40 trips around the sun...... Hey is there a altitude adjustment on the mount? If there isn't you can tell in one direction where it was for! LOL

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Clint Caveman Whitman
A boat load of the best astronomy equipment ever!!!
oooooo and a 228mm f10.6 Astro Physics triplet APO
Posted 11/21/2023 02:53PM | Edited 11/21/2023 02:56PM #3
I have spent the past couple of days cleaning & polishing the brass pieces at the eyepiece end of the telescope. I will post some photos when I finish those pieces. It has one brass eyepiece. Not marked but when I tested the scope, the view appeared to be very similar to my 19mm eyepiece in my 6" f 8 refractor. No, the latitude is not adjustable. I have ideas to make a simple wedge to place between the pier & mount base if necessary.