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Parks Barn Find

Started by Major Tom Varden, 01/15/2024 07:59PM
Posted 01/15/2024 07:59PM | Edited 01/16/2024 05:30AM Opening Post
Wow. I remember seeing these way back. Who recognizes this? As far as I can tell this is a Parks 14” f5ish. Amazing condition as far as I could tell. A family who’s patriarch is suffering form dementia is trying to rehome his Parks and C-8 both mounted EQ along with some spectroscopy gear and microscopes as well. More info to come…

  • Parks EQ reflector mounted with JMI MototrakV, emf, many custom mods 
  • C-8 on Schaefer EQ pier with AstroPhysics 8002 Drive Corrector, many custom mods. There’s red material left over from a cover on the scopes, easily removable. 
  • Many accessories 

Help me help this family get a fair deal. Please help me get some good info before we list this this in classifieds. 

Pasadena, CA. Sorry if posted in the wrong spot.

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Posted 01/15/2024 08:00PM #1
See above.

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Posted 01/16/2024 07:08PM #2
Parks certainly had a reputation for having excellent optics. Glad to see a beast like that is on wheelies or some sort of scope buddy. Don't know what sort of pricing that commands these days but it seems to me that a classic, specialty item is going to be hard to put a value on. I suppose you could send an email query to an astromart sponsor known as as astronomy-shoppe and ask if they have any idea of a fair price for it as they seemed to have dealt with various scopes over the course of decades.
The family might also consider a donation to the Los Angeles Astronomical Society, possibly tax deductible, for use at their dark sky site...