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RE Brandt Lens

Started by David Simons, 05/13/2004 12:55AM
Posted 05/13/2004 12:55AM Opening Post
I have an 8" doublet ~f13 that looks to be a Brandt lens from the early 80's. Has anyone used or looked through one of these lenses?


David Simons

David Simons
Posted 05/20/2004 07:13PM #1
Long ago I looked through one, but only at rather low power for such a big lens. The image quality was very good except for the very noticeable chromatic aberration.
Posted 06/16/2004 12:56PM #2
Hi David,
I ownned an R.E. Brandt lens mounted in OTA by Tom Dobbins and used it to make many wonderful observations and transit timings of Jupiter. Yes, there was color but I got used to it and I think my mind accomodated for it after a while. I really enjoyed the scope and only sold it when I had an opportunity to replace it with my AP 9" F/15 apo. I may be able to find a phot later.

Jim Phillips