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Re: oldies but goodies

Started by fct-150, 12/29/2013 04:19AM
Posted 12/29/2013 04:19AM Opening Post
My top favorite "oldie" scopes I've owned; "1" being the finest.....

1...Criterion RV-6 "CRITTER" (very early '60s)
2...Celestron (orange) C5 "ORANGE COOLIUS"
3...Celestron C80 (1980s)
4...Celestron C90 rubberized
5...Cave 6" f/6 "WANDA" 1979

I didn't list the Cave above the RV-6 because the mirror was originally received with 1/6th wave optics; if I remember right. I found this pretty disappointing knowing the reputation of nearly any Cave was a remarkable one. Of course after the primary was re-figured and given the best coatings at OWL, it was a worthy contender on the field.

To date, out of the box (used loosely), Critter is the best "needed-no-attention" mirror I have ever, EVER seen; one of the reasons I chose to give the scope such an over-the-top restoration. Many telescopes of similar size (and considerable larger price tags) will fail next to it optically, but will probably trump it mechanically. If the mount were not so sensitive to being perfectly balanced on the declination axis, it would be THE BEST EVER reflector I have ever owned size-for-size.

One scope that should not be left out is the Bausch and Lomb Legacy 80/800 sct. It sounds funny, but that was my first cat and it was my travel companion through my entire high school years. It was also a noteworthy telephoto lens for my AE-1 and provided me with great close-ups of squirrels, owls, and foxes.

All the best

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Just a few thoughts:

8) FS-152SV sitting in the office
grin Japanes super lucky zen observatory garden
:S Meade ETX-90 finder scope position
shocked Hino Optical Mizar 120SL observatory model
:C SR-4mm eyepiece with a 3x barlow in a 60mm refractor
8O Zeiss Victory 7x42 SFs
wink Having over 135 vintage oculars to play with
smile My life surrounded by wonderful friends and impeccable optics
Posted 12/29/2013 06:22AM #1
Yeh, and the 60mm unitrons that sold for around $260 and the 3 inch unitrons that sold for around $400, they were also scopes that were excellent performers. Simplicity with quality will last a lifetime. I never owned one of the vintage Edmund reflectors, does anyone know how well they performed and lasted.