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vintage C102

Started by bwm1359, 05/15/2014 04:11PM
Posted 05/15/2014 04:11PM Opening Post
Just wondering if anyone else who has one of the vintage C102 ( made in Japan ) celestron refractors, would like to tell about their optics. For the money, I do not think they can be beat. You can occasionally find one for around $300 to $400, depending on condition. And if they have been taken care of, they are awesome. The size is enough to get clear planetary views, and the views are very sharp, no secondary obstruction. Since I got mine, I have been reading some of the reviews, and I have read where some owners say they will compare favorably with the ED models. I know that they are not the best scope out there, but for the money, they may be. No maintenance, no collimation issues, will last a lifetime. I get awesome views of Jupiter with my bonoviewer. I do not know about the newer ones, made in China, but I have read that they are not as good optically or quality wise. But I see where some of them are doing pretty well.
Posted 05/15/2014 05:45PM #1
I had one for a quite a while and really regret parting with it. Circumstances at the time forced a sale or otherwise it would still be in my possession The optics were delightful, the focal length was just right for the type of observing I do, the weight made it easy to mount and very portable, and the focuser ( although some say "so-so") worked like a champ for what I put on it.
I've owned many scopes and this one, even though a humble achromat,had some really sharp optics.
Posted 10/01/2018 06:13AM #2
I know this thread is old, but I just stumbled on to it and had to chime in.  I also had the Orion by Vixen 102 achromat and like Larry said, I'm sorry I sold it.  It was my first refractor and I really had nothing to compare it with until I bought a new Astrotelescope 152 achromat.  I can't remember if I sold the 102 before the 152 or after, but the 152 came to me with four screws banging around between the front lens and lens cap.  One somehow got caught between the lens cap and dew shield and put a noticeable gouge in the paint.  Upon first light I pointed it at Orion and just couldn't get a sharp focus, things appeared fuzzy.  Furthermore, I couldn't resolve the four stars in the Trapezium like I could with the 102. I later returned the 152 back to the dealer.  The Vixen clearly had the sharper image and that includes against other scopes I've had since.  I swear it acted like an ED and even a triplet in respect to sharpness and resolution.  It had very little color issues.  For an achromat at this price point, it was a steal.  Later on, it made me want to pick up the fluorite 102FL, but I didn't want to spend the $1,350-$1,650 for a older doublet and I was dead set on getting a good triplet for imaging. If I had any extra money laying around, I would get one.  Company 7 did a glowing review of the 102FL and the 102 series of Orion and Celestron by Vixen telescopes have always had an excellent reputation.