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Started by Tom Mengel, 10/15/2002 12:06PM
Posted 10/15/2002 12:06PM Opening Post
I have an old pair of WW-II vintage B&L 7X50's Mk. I's. The lenses are suffering "cementing craze" (The balsam cement between the objective elements is old and dried out - my Dad kept them in a car trunk in CO where is regularly got down to -20F … ) but it also needs cleaning and a general tune up. BTW - with the exception of a smallish 50* AFOV and dirt and the crazed objective lenses, "as is" these will beats the socks off many newer binos...

My problem is it was dropped at some point and the lens housing with the retaining ring that holds the objective in got bent so getting the ring (and the objective) out of one side is going to be "interesting" (read "a real Bear"). The lens itself is fine, just the housing is bent.

Texas Nautical was mentioned a while back as a good repair place but I want to throw this out here one more time, esp. considering the damaged lens mounting. Any feedback as to where I can get these fixed up?


Tom Mengel

Tom Mengel
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