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10x42 L Impressions

Started by AlanFrench, 03/17/2006 12:05PM
Posted 03/17/2006 12:05PM | Edited 03/17/2006 12:06PM Opening Post
I have been using the 12x36 IS IIs for birding and a little astronomy for 15 months now. I like them very much, but once in a while I have wished they had a shorter close focus. This is one reason I was interested in the new 10x42 Ls. I had a chance to try a pair a few weeks ago.

Some people object to the need to hold down a button to engage the IS feature, but I find it is quite conveniently part of holding the 12x36s. The 10x42s simply require depressing the button once to engage the IS feature. I found the button very poorly placed for my hands.

I was most interested in the close focus on the 10x42s. They do focus quite close, but it takes forever to get there. Far too much turning of the focus knob for my taste.

Finally, the 10x42s are just too much of a handful for me. It's not just that they are heavy, but that they are awkward - at least for me - to hold. Anyway, I crossed them off my list.

Clear skies, Alan
Posted 03/17/2006 01:36PM #1
That's an interesting review, Alan. I am wondering about the manufacturer's intention behind the slow focuser. These days many focusers are made to go from extreme close focus to infinity at one turn or less. Slower moving binocular focusers are tedious and time-consuming. Thanks for the time spent describing this binocular!

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