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15x70 Show other people

Started by darylc, 10/25/2002 05:10AM
Posted 10/25/2002 05:10AM Opening Post
I appreciate all the good information on binos but it seems everyone really focused on my statement that I like to show brighter objects to other "non-astronomer" types. I am surprised that everyone finds this quite as big a challange.

I have had very good success showing newbies a number of Messier objects with my 10x40s and 10x50s. Of cource M31 is a piece of cake, but M81, M22 and even M33 are not that hard to see if you know what you are looking for. I find that if I explain exactly what they are going to see and put that in prespective, that new folks can see quite a bit.

It's no different than when looking at faint and fuzzies in the telescope. And of course at near limits, experience always helps.

During some exceptionally good seeing we had for a few nights this summer, I actually could see (certainly no definition) M51 with my 10x40s. That really blew me away.

Thanks for the bino input!
Posted 10/28/2002 06:55PM #1
I guess the biggest challenge for me Daryl is to recognize that the way I do it isn't the way everybody does it. I'm so accustomed to mounting my binocs that I rarely show anything thru hand-held. What I liked hearing the most is that you are out there showing someone else what you see.

Although you can use those 15x70s for scanning handheld, you will really enjoy the views thru them mounted. They are very capable. I've logged many Messier and NGC objects and close doubles thru my 15s.

Keep showing other people, every chance you get. edz