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15X70s I got 'em this weekend.

Started by darylc, 11/11/2002 05:44AM
Posted 11/11/2002 05:44AM Opening Post
I appreciate the input from those of you that responded to my post a few weeks ago. You talked me into the Oberwerk 15x70s and I don't believe I will be disappointed. They are awesome to hold, suprisingly light. I put them on my tripod this weekend and the collimation looks good, as far as I can tell in the daytime. I have built an observing lounge chair with the binos mounted on an overhead boom with a fliud pan head. I can't wait to try that out!

I did buy a foam lined, hard shell pistol case to store my binoculars in. It works great and provides proctection that the soft case they came in does not. You can find some pretty good deals on hard shell pistol cases in your local department or sporting goods store and they work great for binos.

Also I apologize to everyone in the Great Lakes area for the six weeks of cloudy weather we are bound to have since I am dying to try these new binos out. When I got my telescope it was a good six weeks before I could really use it. Sorry, forgive me ;-). I will post some pictures of my viewing chair when I get a chance. Thanks again to all who posted advise.