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25x100 choice and an idea.

Started by BoyntonStu, 04/12/2006 06:21AM
Posted 04/12/2006 06:21AM | Edited 04/12/2006 06:25AM Opening Post
I am looking to buy a 25x100 pair of binoculars.

Celestrons have come down in price to just above $200. (

I would like to buy a used one for less than $150.

If they were 45 degree EP binoculars, mounting them and viewing through them would be a snap.

If I had a pair without 45's this is what I would try:

Mount a fixed 45 mirror in front of the objectives and proceed as though the EP were 45's.

I have seen Skywindows etc. but I have not seen this idea.

Posted 04/12/2006 06:28AM #1
I have not seen a skywindow mount that has the capability to carry the load of a 10# 25x100.

If you could get past that, the mounting requirements for the combination load of a 25x100 with the extra load of a mirror would be substantial. Just roughly I would estimate you'd need a mount up in the $500 range.

Posted 04/12/2006 09:20AM #2
>>>Mount a fixed 45 mirror in front of the objectives and proceed as though the EP were 45's.

What are you thinking of using for a mirror??

Posted 04/12/2006 02:55PM | Edited 04/12/2006 02:57PM #3

Why not something like this?

Seems to be exactly what you decribed. The larger one works with 100mm binos. I have a smaller earlier version. The only problem is less intuitive aiming. A RDF or a GLP fixes that little drawback up nicely.

Posted 04/12/2006 09:22PM #4
Sorry for the mixup, I misread your original post- now I know how the White House must feel about the WMD report- or ABC News' own misreading. Good thing my error won't lead to imminent hostilities (I hope...).

Jess Tauber